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We are AMAG MMA Athleticism Meets Aggression

AMAG MMA is the fastest growing MMA gym in the DMV. AMAG teaches teamwork, perseverance, and discipline through the arts of MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a family, we train kids and adults. We compete at the highest levels and push our students to do the same. Stop by today to see if you have what it takes.


A call to arms

This is a call for every man, woman, and child who is tired of the routines and excuses; lazy, overweight, weak. This is a call for those who wish to join something greater than themselves, a call to find meaningful help with their life and goals. The American Martial Arts Gym is sending a call into the DMV, looking for fighters, looking for those who have the will but need guidance. Will you answer it?

Our Coaches

Our staff has decades of proven combat and fitness expirence and are skilled in all disciplines related to MMA.

  • James Hardeman

    Founder and Head Coach

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

    Military Veteran

    Multiple time NAGA and Grappling Industry Champion

    Fight to win competitor

  • Tenyeh Dixon

    Head Coach

    Father of six

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

    WXC XCC LITC Welterweight Champion

    2014 Pan Silver Medalist

    2005 USCKF Champion

    AMAG Athletic Director

Why Choose AMAG?

American Martial Arts Gym prides itself on two key aspects that differentiates us from everyone else.

Membership in a team

AMAG has 3 locations and each location is it's own team under our larger team umbrella. AMAG prides itself in how we foster and support each member through their goals, training, and ambitions.

Guided and personalized training

Our coaches have a systematic and technical approach to training developed over decades and proven to bring you up to speed in your training quickly. Our coaches monitor your progress and amend your path based on your strengths.

Quality Training

AMAG has many high level students and coaches who are battle tested. You won't be held back, but offered the chance to train with the best practicioners in the area. Iron sharpens iron.

A chance to prove yourself

Our teams regularly compete in local, regional, and national competitions. Our coaching staff will direct your training, sharpen your skills, and find you chances to showcase what you've learned against peers.

Comprehensive Fitness

Our team of coaches not only excel in Martial Art instruction, but they are also expirenced and certified fitness instructors. AMAG wants to not only provide clients with the greatest MMA and grappling team in Southern Maryland/DMV, but also provide them with a personalized and functional fitness program.

Certified instructors

Our instructors hold a variaty of certifications from across the fitness industry. Be it personal training, diet planning & recommendations, or functional fitness our instructors have tested programs created for each of these needs. Each program customizable to your goals and abilities.

One price, Unlimited classes

With many professionally taught classes, the price to class ratio is terrible on the customer's end. Here at AMAG we understand that frustration and offer one monthly price for all of our classes. AMAG has three locations and you can attend class at any of them.

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