Exciting News

AMAG is coming to Port Royal

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

AMAG is opening it's third location and first in Virginia

AMAG is proud to announce our new gyms grand opening in Port Royal, VA!


25656 AP Hill Blvd, Port Royal, VA 22535

Hours and Classes

You can check the schedule which includes our gym hours and classes through our AMAG Schedule section

What does this mean for you?

By opening this new AMAG location in Port Royal, AMAG is reaching out and providing our gyms quality martial arts and fitness programs to a community typically underserved and found wanting programs like ours closer to their homes.

What AMAG offers

  • Black Belt level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction
  • High level kick boxing and striking programs from tested fighters and instructors who have competed at high levels across the country in many promotions.
  • Weight loss and functional fitness programs, designed and led by certified fitness instructors.
  • Membership in a single team. We offer one membership for access to all our listed classes and access to any of our 3 locations.